Beginner 直伤全息师 Power Holosmith

配装概述 Build Overview

直伤全息师 Power Holosmith is a bursty class with good self sustain through the major grandmaster trait

You also bring many 蔑视条 Breakbar skills, and easy access to boon strip with

直伤全息师 Power Holosmith also applies a large amount of 易伤 Vulnerability,increasing the DPS of the entire squad.


狂战士 Berserker 头部

狂战士 Berserker 肩膀

狂战士 Berserker 上衣

狂战士 Berserker 手套

狂战士 Berserker 腿部

狂战士 Berserker 足部


狂战士 Berserker 背部

狂战士 Berserker 饰品

狂战士 Berserker 饰品

狂战士 Berserker 项链

狂战士 Berserker 戒指

狂战士 Berserker 戒指


狂战士 Berserker 主手

狂战士 Berserker 副手


狂战士 Berserker 副手


灌注 x18



技能特性 Skills & Traits

详细 Details



说明 Notes


Always preheat to 90 heat before starting your rotation.

Your sword auto attack chain ,reduces the 冷却 cooldown,allowing you to use more often when you complete your auto attack chain.

视频 Videos

油管 哔哩哔哩
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循环 Loop

Step 1

The initial rotation consists of pressing at 90 heat和 at 149 heat. Use once in Photon Forge和 off 冷却 cooldown out of Photon Forge, filling the gaps between skills with auto attacks.

Step 2

In this step, we add your utility skills. 预读 by casting it outside of the boss hitbox. Between ,use 。 Be careful not to cancel by using too early. Use at maximum heat.

Outside of your opener, use off 冷却 cooldown

Step 3

Next, we add your toolbelt skills. 预读 ,and use at maximum heat. Use after ,and use whenever it’s ready.

Outside of your opener, use off 冷却 cooldown and use at maximum heat.

Step 4

Now, we add a second 的同时 。 Use at ~145 heat, and use during the aftercast of to exit Photon Forge at exactly 149 heat.

Step 5

Finally, we add 。 Start in and use before 。 After ,use

Outside of your opener, use after every 。 If is on 冷却 cooldown,skip it. Use before


This build is 90% of the 直伤全息师 Power Holosmith rotation. There are still some tricks that you can do to further increase DPS by another 1-2k. For the complete guide, please visit the 直伤全息师 Power Holosmith page.