Condition Alacrity Scourge

配装概述 Build Overview

Pros +
Substantial ranged DPS
Access to healing & support
Plenty of utility
Simple rotation

Cons -
Relies on resource management
Requires accurate positioning
Loses damage on moving targets
Lacks burst damage

祭祀者 Ritualist 头部

祭祀者 Ritualist 肩膀

祭祀者 Ritualist 上衣

祭祀者 Ritualist 手套

祭祀者 Ritualist 腿部

祭祀者 Ritualist 足部


毒蛇 Viper 背部

毒蛇 Viper 饰品

毒蛇 Viper 饰品

毒蛇 Viper 项链

毒蛇 Viper 戒指

毒蛇 Viper 戒指


毒蛇 Viper 主手

毒蛇 Viper 副手


毒蛇 Viper 主手


灌注 x18




技能特性 Skills & Traits

Select a utility skill depending on the encounter.

  • Breakbar Damage and/or Pull
  • :short range portal
  • to Block Missiles
  • Aegis 和 Barrier a bit of extra Alacrity

When no other utility can be of any use, for damage prioritize having enough Life Force:

  • - Life Force and ranged Revive
  • - less Life Force,some damage
  • - damage

:group Barrier。 is a minimal damage gain in golem-like scenarios.

Take ( ) whenever you need a lotBreakbar Damage。

Take when your subgroup struggles with Might or needs additional Condition Cleanse。

详细 Details



笔记 Notes

Clump your skills together to avoid rogue Auto Attacks。 Try to finish your Auto Attack Chains,only ever cancel the Scepter ones after the first hit,

All Shade Skills affect the area around the 灾厄师 Scourge as well as any Shade currently manifested. Place Shades in advantageous positions you cannot reach yourself, or to cover a wider area.

allows you to transfer self-inflicted conditions from to the enemy. Once you enter ,this effect lasts 3.5 seconds.

视频 Videos

油管 哔哩哔哩
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循环 Loop


  1. +
  2. +
  3. Weapon Swap


  • Follow and never delay the general structure of the Weapon Loop
  • Maintain at least 1 Shade at all times with
  • off Cooldown:Alacrity
  • off Cooldown
  • whenever possible
  • Do not let reach 2 Charges。 Cast it in the seconds following ,see Notes
  • Use excess Life Force:
  • Fill the gaps with Auto Attacks


  1. Filler
  2. Weapon Swap
  3. Filler
  4. Filler
  5. Weapon Swap