Heal Alacrity Scourge

配装概述 Build Overview

Pros +
Plenty of CC
Provides party boons
Access to healing & support
Easy to learn
Simple rotation
Capable kite
Tanking build

Cons -
Relies on resource management

猎兔犬 Harrier 头部

赠予者 Giver 肩膀

猎兔犬 Harrier 上衣

猎兔犬 Harrier 手套

猎兔犬 Harrier 腿部

猎兔犬 Harrier 足部


贤者 Magi 背部

赠予者 Giver 饰品

猎兔犬 Harrier 饰品

赠予者 Giver 项链

赠予者 Giver 戒指

贤者 Magi 戒指


猎兔犬 Harrier 主手

猎兔犬 Harrier 副手


猎兔犬 Harrier 副手


灌注 x18



技能特性 Skills & Traits

Choose utility skills from the following:

  • :ranged Revive
  • Aegis and extra Barrier 和 Regeneration
  • Breakbar Damage and/or Pull
  • :short range portal
  • to Block Missiles
  • can give Stability 和 Swiftness with very low application range

详细 Details



笔记 Notes

All Shade Skills affect the area around the 灾厄师 Scourge as well as any Shade currently manifested. Place Shades in positions you cannot reach yourself, or to cover a wider area with boons and healing.

视频 Videos

油管 哔哩哔哩
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循环 Loop

Boons and Healing

  • off Cooldown to maintain Might 和 Fury。
  • Dodge occasionally to upkeep Regeneration。
  • You have access to burst healing via 。 If you don’t forsee needing to cast in the next 20 seconds, cast it to build up your Regeneration buffer.

Shade Skills

  • should be used off Cooldown to maintain high Barrier,Alacrity () and Protection ()。
  • at least every 7 to 8 seconds to upkeep a single Shade and to maintain high Boon Duration through
  • off Cooldown unless there is a mechanic in which you specifically need the heal or Revive in the next 10 seconds.