Condition Quickness Untamed

配装概述 Build Overview

Pros +
High damage
Good mobility
Fluid rotation
Easy to learn

Cons -
Low amounts of CC
Fast paced rotation
Forced movement

毒蛇 Viper 头部

祭祀者 Ritualist 肩膀

祭祀者 Ritualist 上衣

祭祀者 Ritualist 手套

毒蛇 Viper 腿部

祭祀者 Ritualist 足部


毒蛇 Viper 背部

祭祀者 Ritualist 饰品

祭祀者 Ritualist 饰品

祭祀者 Ritualist 项链

毒蛇 Viper 戒指

毒蛇 Viper 戒指


祭祀者 Ritualist 主手

祭祀者 Ritualist 副手


祭祀者 Ritualist 副手


灌注 x18



技能特性 Skills & Traits

Both can be replaced when needed:

  • Breakbar damage
  • :more Breakbar damage
  • :group Aegis

详细 Details



笔记 Notes

can be cancelled by any other skill.
Disabling Auto Attack on your weapons will prevent this from happening, but means you must complete all Auto Attack Chains manually.

activates 。 The trait will not apply if the skill has Auto Cast enabled.

视频 Videos

油管 哔哩哔哩
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循环 Loop


grants access to Unleashed Ambush skills, and has a Cooldown of 9 seconds after using the related skill. Weapon Swap resets this Cooldown thanks to

Quickness Burst

As soon as Weapon Swap is ready, execute the following combo:

  1. Weapon Swap

As long as is not delayed, will be reapplied at the same time as Weapon Swap is off Cooldown。 This is your cue to combo!

Be careful not to cancel the skill, it is the only source of Quickness。


Start with can be precasted before the encounter.

触摸 Quickness Burst right away if you need to apply Quickness immediately.

  1. Weapon Swap


  1. Unleashed Pet Skills
  2. Weapon Swap
  3. Unleashed Pet Skills
  4. Weapon Swap

off Cooldown。

off Cooldown without cancelling Auto Attacks。

Fill the gaps with Auto Attacks。

Unleashed Pet Skills

While is active, the following skills may be used during other skills: