Introduction to Guardian

Guardian Mechanics

Guardian Virtues

Guardians have access to a trio of self-targeting passive buffs, Virtues, that can also be actively used to buff your subgroup. Once the active is used, the passive will not be active until it has come 冷却 完毕就使用。

The Virtues are split:

  1. :damage.
  2. :healing.
  3. :defence.

Each Virtue has a variety of synergies with traits to make them extremely strong in their own unique ways.

Dragonhunter Virtues

Dragonhunters have an upgraded form of Virtues. The passives remain the same, but the active use is greatly changed.

  1. tethers you to foes. This has amazing synergy with the following traits:
  2. grants you increased mobility through a healing leap.
  3. grants you a shield that blocks incoming attacks for you and allies.

Firebrand Virtues

Tome of Justice

During some encounters the minor trait, in the 光辉 Radiance Trait Line,can reset the 冷却 。 If this occurs whilst you are in you will instead gain one page of your Tome.

Tome of Resolve

Within you have access to moderate group heals, lots of condition cleanses, as well as access to 迅捷 Swiftness再生 Regeneration活力 Vigor

In addition to all of these great bonuses you also have access to the unique buff Epilogue: Eternal Oasis which increases the incoming healing that allies recieve by 33%.

Here are some great examples of when you could use :

These are only examples, read all of the skills within the tome and think about when you could use the skills to help your team the most.

Tome of Courage

acts as a great safety net for high pressure situations where 圣盾 Aegis稳固 Stability抗性 Resistance迅捷 Swiftness保护 Protection as well as Reflects may be needed.

Epilogue: Unbroken Lines whilst very useful for applying defensive boons to your subgroup also grants 300 坚韧 Toughness so make sure that it doesn't affect tanking in your squad.

It is worth noting that opening itself grants 圣盾 Aegis to five allies.

Here are some great examples of when you could use :

Once again these are only examples, read all of the skills within the tome and think about when you could use the skills to help your team the most.


Symbols are unique to the 守护者 class. They pulse AoE damage to enemies and grant boons to allies.

Each Symbol grants a different boon:

There are a variety of traits that also affect symbols:

Utility Skill Types

Spirit Weapons

Spirit Weapons are ground-targeted AoEs that use the ammo count system. Each Spirit Weapon has a unique function and all can be used in a PvE environment.

Spirit Weapons carry out their attack pattern and then despawn.


Shouts are not a huge staple in the PvE environment but they are useful on occasion. There are two shouts that you should be aware of:

Other shouts that you might come across are:

augments your shouts to remove conditions and to have reduced 冷却 Cooldowns


Consecrations are ground-targeted skills that have a variety of utility focused effects, as well as a single damage effect.

All consecrations are extremely high value however there are two that stand out:

Consecrations can have their 冷却 Cooldown's reduced by taking the trait


Meditations have a variety of effects that mainly function to provide huge utility in the PvE environment.


Signets provide strong passive effects that also have an active when used. Whilst your signet is on 冷却 ,the passive ability will be disabled. There are a few signets that you will see in PvE:

should be seriously considered if you plan to use any signets actively.


Dragonhunters have access to Traps which are static AoE damaging fields that are triggered when a mob enters them. Traps will also trigger if an enemy is already standing inside the AoE when it is cast. Most are unblockable.

reduces the 冷却 of your traps.


燃火者 Firebrand Mantras apply their effects to five targets in a 180 Radius of the 燃火者 Firebrand as well as a 450 Range frontal cone in front of the 燃火者 Firebrand

Due to this unique area of effect you need to make sure you are either:

This will ensure that all of your subgroup is hit by your Mantra.

Physical Skills

破锋者 Willbender has access to Physical skills which are movement focused utilities. As such, we come into very little contact with them in PvE.

No traits affect this utility skill type.

Trait Lines






猎龙者 Dragonhunter

燃火者 Firebrand

破锋者 Willbender

Breakbar Skills

= 100 蔑视条 damage.

= 150 蔑视条 Breakbar damage.

Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke — = 150 蔑视条 Breakbar damage.

= 200 蔑视条 Breakbar damage.

= 7 pulses of 150 蔑视条 Breakbar damage for a total of 1050 蔑视条 Breakbar damage over 5 seconds.